A simple pasta supper (or why I wish I was more like Nigel Slater)

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I love Nigella, rely on Delia, occasionally seek out Jamie but I admire (and perhaps aspire to be more like) Nigel Slater. I love reading his books, watching his programmes but they present a world of food that is different to mine. His world always seems to have time to linger over food, to search out the obscure, grow ones own ingredients and experiment. My reality is more mundane – a quick trip to a supermarket and making the same thing time after time because it’s quick and reliable.  I don’t have time to think midweek  so I am more likely to incrementally tweak an existing recipe than try a bold experiment in the middle of a week.

So Nigel Slater’s recipes provide a rich vein of inspiration for the midweek supper. He has a great column in the Guardian to give options for something more interesting midweek.  His suggestion for pasta with baked aubergine and tomatoes caught my eye – it’s totally simple and reliant on ordinary ingredients. So I thought I would try it for supper with Sarah: she regularly comes for supper and has been the recipient many times of all ‘the usual options’.

Making it: As simple as it appears. Chop and roast. I was slightly disconcerted by the large quantity of olive oil I had to tip over it before the veg went in the oven. Plenty of time to start on a glass of wine and catching up on the news while the oven did the work!pasta for two

Eating it: Simple, subtle. Perhaps a bit too much olive oil and perhaps not quite robust enough for a not very warm April evening.

Next time: I think it would be better on a warm summer evening, perhaps with some olives in there as well to add more robustness and texture.


Recipe 2: Moroccan-ish Chicken Casserole

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I’m very excited that I’ve had visitors to my blog… so thank you for coming – I hope it is worth the effort.  I don’t have great ambitions for the blog – there is not a master plan of becoming the next Julie:Julia – although if someone does want to pay me lots of money to write about life and cooking I wouldn’t complain – but I think I would like Cameron Diaz or Drew Barrymore to play me in the film. Mainly I want to use this as a way to talk about food and maybe a few other things along the way. It is unlikely to be life-changing or profound – I will leave deep and meaningful to others!

So to the meat of the post – this week’s recipe…  which is a variant on Nigel Slater’s Moroccan style chicken casserole. I was inspired to make it by watching Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers – it just looked flavoursome and relatively quick to make. On Monday Sarah was coming for supper and discussion on the next chunk of Jim Packer’s great book “Knowing God”. Deep conversation requires good food – and this looked like it would fit the bill. Continue Reading Recipe 2: Moroccan-ish Chicken Casserole…

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