The French legacy: the food angle

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Madagascar was a French colony between 1896 and 1960, and I am sure that many people have written eloquent, informed and intelligent articles about the legacy of French rule. I, however, am much more concerned about the practical legacy, which was clearly visible to me on my visit, in the food. In Anatanarivo and Mandritsara baguettes were sold in the street markets: basically the only bread that was for sale. Peter bought some delicious bread that had been baked in a wood-fired oven. But becasue the electicity in Mandritasara is turned off between 11pm and 8am the boulangerie opened in the afternoon not the morning.

My stay in Mandritsara also provided the excuse for Clairelise to order some croissants and pain au chocolat from a lady in the town who makes them at her home.  A vast quantity were stashed in the freezer for future treats, but we were allowed some for breakfast on the Saturday. While they were not perfect croissants, they were comparable to a UK supermImagearket quality!

p.s. There is also a sporting legacy. I was delighted to see teenagers playing rugby when i was in the capital. Petanque is a big deal in Madagascar: Madagascar beat France in the final of the recent Petanque Confederations Cup.



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