Recipe 75: Nutella cheesecake

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Again, I’m starting a post with an apology for not being around as much as I would like…. but sadly 2011 has started with a serious quantity of work, so not really having much time to do anything other than work. And work is even taking over my non-working time as I have just baked a batch of biscuits for a meeting tomorrow!

But i just wanted to draw attention to a friend of mine – Jennifer – and her new blog Running and Baking which is going to chart her preparations for an intended run across the United States of America. Yes – you did read that correctly – she is planning on running 3360 miles across the US over 3 months – working out at an average 42 miles a day. Jennifer is an awesome person – and when she is not running, she works incredibly hard and also bakes beautiful cakes – so go check her blog out!

I can’t really get my head round what is involved in running 42 miles, let alone doing that 80 times… but I guess one of the major upsides is you have to get the fuel in to keep you going…. so perhaps this recipe should be added to the eating schedule – it’s a nutella cheesecake from Nigella.

Making it: as there were only 3 adults and a child for lunch – I made half the recipe – but other than the maths of working out what the appropriate sized tin was and halving the ingredients – it was a doddle to make. The base is digestive biscuits, whizzed in the food processor with some nutella, butter and chopped hazelnuts. The topping is cream cheese, lots of nutella and some icing sugar. Then a generous application of chopped hazelnuts on top.

Eating it: wow – it was rich! But it was good! Ed’s only complaint was that I dished it up too neatly and so there was no need to “tidy” it up at the end… a situation remedied by his daughter deciding she’d prefer to have a biscuit – so he kindly “cleared up” her piece.

Next time: I have a slightly more sophisticated no-cook chocolate and mascarpone torte which is hard to beat…. but I think this will make a re-appearance on the dinner table…. but I don’t think I’d be able to go run a marathon afterwards…


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