Recipe 67: Simple gluten-free fairy cakes

August 24, 2011 at 9:14 pm | Posted in baking | 2 Comments

Having made disappointing fairy cakes using gluten-free/wheat-free flour last year, I wanted to have another attempt. So a meeting at work was the opportunity to try out the gluten-free cupcake recipe in the Love Bakery book. The book promises that no-one will guess that these cakes are any different from wheat-y versions – so I thought it was worth a shot as a quick bake, without having the fuss of separating eggs.

Making them: It was a simple sponge cake. I used dairy-free margarine as well to make it even more palatable for my boss who also avoids dairy – although there was some milk put in add the end to ensure it was soft batter. The cakes were easy to make – I made them while nattering to friends who had come for supper and it was “the work of moments” as Nigella would say! Instead of making 12 big cupcakes, I made 24 fairy cakes. I decorated them with a simple glace icing (although I did use a serious quantity of purple food colouring).

Eating them: Unlike the previous attempt, these were soft and delicious! The cupcake cases came away from the cakes, so they looked a bit of a mess  (sorry no photo because I forgot). But their slightly wonky presentation did not undermine their eating appeal. The meeting went well – I’m sure the cake made a positive contribution to that!

Next time: I might replace the milk with lemon juice to remove dairy entirely. It might be taking the experiment too far. but if it works then I’ll have a simple wheat, gluten and dairy-free cake in the repetoire.



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  1. These sound yummy – I have to eat gluten/wheat free and finding good cake recipes has been hard! I’ll defo check out the Love Bakery book. I’ve been enjoying making cakes from Harry Eastwood’s Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache recipe book. They’re not purposefully wheat free but most cakes in there are made with vegetables and rice flour – and they are amazing! If you’ve not seen it already I’d get hold of a copy as I think you’d really like it! Phil Vickery has also brought out a cake/bread book for gluten free cooking which looks really good.

  2. […] time to distribute the duties for the big day… I ended up making vanilla cupcakes and some gluten-free cupcakes . So that was 4 dozen cupcakes… which was fairly simple, but disaster nearly struck when i […]

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