I hate seperating eggs

August 14, 2011 at 10:09 am | Posted in baking, musings, puddings | Leave a comment

One cooking task that I find deeply dull is separating eggs. I’m reasonably successful at the task thanks to a clever little separator-spoon that I bought years ago that holds the yolk and lets the white drip into a bowl. Making something requiring only egg whites is even more irritating as then the yolks have to be thrown away (or if sufficient eggs have been broken it’s an reason to make a gateau breton). So when my friend Ali told me about Two Chicks pasteurised egg whites in a carton – I was seriously excited!

Two chicks egg whites come in  carton of 15 egg whites. I used up 2 eggs white – which is 60ml of liquid to make meringues. Thanks to the Kenwood making meringue is incredibly simple – just leave it to whirr away!

The egg whites behaved totally normally when whipping them up. I created 8 little nests (and as I still haven’t conquered my fear of the piping bag, I just piled it up using a spoon to shape). We  enjoyed them with raspberries and softly whipped cream for dessert on Sunday. While I slightly overcooked the meringues to my taste  they tasted great (and that was not the fault of the ingredients, just my miscalculation).

So all in all – I think these egg whites can be considered a wonder ingredient! It makes meringue much quicker and easier to produce – and that can only be a good thing if it means that I can make the chocolate pavlova more often! The potential downside is that 15 eggs whites is a huge quantity – so I have lots left over:  time to start exploring savoury options using egg whites… watch this space!


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