Recipe 65: White bean, chorizo and herb salad

August 6, 2011 at 7:27 pm | Posted in savoury | 2 Comments
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Again, another long pause between posts…. To be honest, I had lost my cooking mojo. I had become bored with cooking, bored of the things I was making and not really excited by new recipes either. But after a wonderful holiday on the Algarve, soaking up sunshine and being ridiculously lazy I feel refreshed and revived and back into the cooking groove.

Post-holiday there is the desire (and necessity) to be slightly more restrained, to enjoy good food that is also healthy and wholesome. In the August edition of Delicious magazine there was yummy looking white bean, chorizo and herb salad, which looked perfect for Monday evening. It had been a hot day (made worse for me by the office air con not working and no way of opening the windows in the office to generate air flow) and I was cooking supper for Sarah and Dimity. I’d left the office slightly late, and had to pop into the supermarket on the way home too, but managed to get into the house before Sarah arrived, and the swift preparations for this salad meant that dinner was served fairly quickly! Happily we were able to sit outside and enjoy the warmth of the evening.

Making it: the chorizo was cooked in a dry pan, and then drained on kitchen roll to reduce the greasiness. The beans were then warmed in the pan, with a dressing made from mustard (was meant to be smooth Dijon mustard, I only had grain mustard but I thought it would be ok), red wine vinegar and oil (and also got to soak up the fat that came out of the chorizo). Then when the bean were warmed through, it all got tossed together with some cherry tomatoes and salad leaves (watercress, spinach, rocket and handfuls of parsley).

Eating it: fresh yet robust. I thought it was utterly delicious! And we ate it all up, so I think it was appreciated by the others too.

Next time: I’m sure I will be adapting the template to include other things in future. The magazine suggested bacon and roasted peppers… so we shall see!



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  1. That looks tasty πŸ™‚ I never think of putting beans in salads so I think I’ll give it a try. I’ve had some lovely recipes from that Delicious magazine but haven’t read it for ages! I might have a browse next time I go to the shops…you’ve inspired me πŸ™‚

  2. liked the salad so much, i made something similar on thursday evening. Good work.

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