Recipe 64: Rose cupcakes

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Sorry – again recipes are backing up… but this is another posting about  another cupcake from Cake Days from the Hummingbird Bakery…which is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. The book is beautifully designed and full of lovely ideas: the recipes seem to be not just an idea for a twist on old favourites but inspire in me ideas for social gatherings. So I guess this is a warning – expect more cupcakes from me (and maybe I’ll one day learn to do posh icing properly)

But, to the recipe and event in question…. My grandmother had her 90th birthday a couple of weeks ago and in honour of such a great milestone, we threw her a tea-party where she invited all her friends and neighbours along with the whole family (which is nearly a clan). Each family was responsible for bringing 2 dozen servings of cake – and we produced a bounteous feast. My contribution was rose cupcakes from Cake Days.  I love roses, and they always make me think of my grandparents  – as they all had amazing rose bushes in their gardens when I was a child. So I was intrigued to try out a floral cupcake to see whether the smell of roses could translate into a great cake.

Making it: As I was making 2 dozen (or so) ordinary sized cupcakes – I decided to double the recipe: I think this was the most full the Kenwood has ever been…. but it coped. The method was the usual Hummingbird approach of flour, butter, sugar mixed to sand, then adding milk, eggs and in this case rosewater to the batter. The rosewater gave a wonderful perfume to the batter. The buttercream was also flavoured with rosewater.

I was proud of my icing – pretty neat for me (I was icing them while watching U2 perform at Glastonbury on my laptop) and the wafer flowers I thought were a slightly whimsical, but cute touch.

Eating them: I am delighted with how the Hummingbird cupcakes are coming out (I had been slightly little disappointed with them as they had come out tough on a couple of occasions) and the texture was great. The rose flavour was subtle, leaving the feeling (in a good way) that somehow I had eaten the scent of roses.

As I had doubled up the recipe, I had made an immense number of cakes.  Some went into the freezer for later treats. They were a great addition to a picnic feast the following weekend (and I have to confess I ended up eating a couple for breakfast – which was a wonderfully naughty treat!)

Next time: there are suggestions for other flower-based cupcakes, and a whole range based on herbal teas… so watch this space for some more civilised tea party treats!


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