Recipe 63: Mini mojito cupcakes

June 18, 2011 at 7:42 pm | Posted in baking | 1 Comment
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I like little cakes. I think there is something ever so pleasing about a small cake. While big cakes that need to be sliced have their place, they are more formal and need a crowd. Small cakes are more flexible – requiring involve less commitment from the eater: no need for a knife and plate – just take and eat! But small cakes are also slightly child-ish, and immature:  it is hard to make a mini-cake sophisticated (especially if like me, you are not gifted with piping skills). But the latest trend in cupcakes provides one route to more ‘grown-up’ cupcakes: add alcohol! I was kindly given a copy of the latest Hummingbird Bakery cook book – Cake Days – which has a whole section of cocktail cupcakes.  So for a tea-party/BBQ I thought this would be perfect excuse to try one out – and as mojitos are my cocktail of choice…. and they in the most pleasing ‘mini’ size already – this seemed the obvious choice.

Making them: The Hummingbird method is to make a ‘sandy’ mixture of the flour, a small amount of butter, sugar and then add eggs and milk to make a wet batter.  To flavour the batter I added some chopped mint leaves (a good use of the mint plant in my garden) lemon and lime zest and made a syrup from rum and sugar.  So when the cakes were out of the oven, the syrup was drizzled over the top and soaked in while they cooled. The icing was a traditional butter cream – but some of the milk replaced with rum, with more zest.  To finish them off, I chopped some more mint and mixed it with some sugar and more zest as a crunchy topping.

Eating them: One of the guests at the party called them the loveliest cupcake they had ever had (!). The zest and mint gave an incredibly fresh flavour. The kick of the rum in the icing was discernible, but not overpowering. So like a mojito – delicious and more-ish!

Next time: I have to confess: I slightly messed up the icing. I was in a rush and added far too much liquid – so to rectify the situation had to add loads more icing sugar to make it sufficiently stiff. But it worked out fine…. and I have icing stashed in the freezer for a future occasion…. and there will be a next time.


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