Recipe 62: Neil’s flapjacks

April 11, 2011 at 10:16 pm | Posted in baking | Leave a comment

I think I have mentioned that my boss is gluten intolerant, which means that when we have an office bake-a-thon (which happens every once in a while in aid of charity) I always make something that he can eat – so that he can join in… A recent discovery in the special products aisle has been certified gluten-free oats – which meant that I could try out the flapjacks from my new Mary Berry book in a  Neil-friendly format. I have successfully made a chocolate flapjack (from the Green & Black’s chocolate cookbook) but I’d not found a plain flapjack that worked – but this looked good – to add to the gooey goodness – it  uses demerara sugar.

Making it: flapjack is simple, melting butter, sugar and syrup and then mixing it in with the special oats. Then the mixture is put in a tin (lined to make it easier to get out) and cooked for about 35 minutes at 140C. When I took it out of the oven I cut it into pieces while it was still warm… and it was seriously gooey…. and looking very promising. Then when they were cold, they were all packed up for the office.

Eating it: All that flapjack should be – gooey on the verge of caramel – perfectly cooked oats. Totally more-ish – I probably ate more than was wise… and Neil’s comment was “thank you…. I am not sure that I’d have got through today without them”

Next time: These are clearly a winner for the office – they were quick to make, easy to transport and went down a treat – so will definitely be made again. And given how much Neil appreciated them – I shall always think of them as “Neil’s flapjacks”


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