Recipe 57: Slow roast lamb shoulder from Nigella’s Kitchen

March 3, 2011 at 9:07 pm | Posted in savoury | 1 Comment
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Regular readers of this blog will probably have noticed that Sunday lunch is one of my favourite cooking opportunities. For me Sunday is a brilliant time to gather friends (old and new) and feed them…. usually Sundays are a bit more laid back and there are plenty of newspaper sections to read and idle chat to be had – so it’s a great time to get to know people a little better – and if the guest list is suitably varied – build new friendships. On this Sunday I wanted to have a treat – I fancied something new and different and I also wanted to express gratitude and appreciation towards a number of the guests who had made large contributions to the success of the holiday bible club that we had held the previous week. So when I think Sunday lunch and treat…. my thoughts turn to lamb (and chocolate – but more of that in the next post). So I thought I would try out the lamb shoulder from Nigella’s Kitchen – which involves roasting the lamb at a relatively low temperature for a long-ish time with wine and other ingredients for even more flavour.

Making it: Pretty simple – there were 8 of us for lunch – so i found a big shoulder of lamb – just over 2kg. Stage one was heating the roasting tin on the hob and sealing the meat (which generated insane volumes of smoke – 5 days later the smell is still slightly lingering). Once the meat was browned, I added the rose wine, olives, anchovies, garlic and fresh thyme. The tin was covered with foil and shoved in the oven (140C) for about 4 hours, while I went off to church. Once it was cooked – it was just a matter of leaving it to rest a while, then carving (or in my case hacking at it). As Nigella suggested I put the carved meat back into the roasting tin so that it soaked up the juices left in the tin. Then when serving it out, I spooned some of the “jus” over the meat on the plate.

Eating it: I served it with green beans (excitingly my Sainsburys now stocked fairtrade green beans – I’m hoping fairtrade mangetout will follow)  roast leeks, peas & carrots  and easy roast potatoes (small cubes of unpeeled potato tossed in oil and cooked for 1hr on high) – the idea was to be warming, yet nodding slightly to Spring that is not yet decided whether to happen. The lamb itself was yummy – and as Tom said (repeatedly) the olives made it…. they were a lovely contrast to the meat.

Next time: I think it would have been good to have made more of the “jus”… so I would put the carved meat on a plate and put the roasting tin on the hob to reduce the juices down to more of a sauce. I also think that it was not really necessary to brown the meat first (although it did look beautiful when it was cooked) so I might skip the hassle next time.


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