Recipe 54: Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

January 7, 2011 at 8:06 pm | Posted in baking | 2 Comments
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New Year’s Day is a strange day… it’s a bit like Boxing Day – it’s the day after the main event, but it is also the beginning – the start of the New Year so somehow it feels like you shouldn’t just slob about doing nothing, but really after more than a week of festivities energy is low…

My solution is a food and film night: find some mates, eat something yummy and then relax in front of the TV watching a film together. So on New Years Day I visited the lovely Richard and Ailsa. Ailsa cooked an utterly delicious butternut squash risotto which was well matched with some champagne (well it was New Years Day). My contribution was pudding – and on Ailsa’s instruction it HAD to be chocolate. I had some sour cream in the fridge which I had bought for something earlier in the week which didn’t get made in the end and on reflection realised that this was the ideal opportunity to try the Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake from Feast.

Making it: simple in the food mixer – all the ingredients were bunged in together and the machine whirred them into batter. Following Nigella’s utterly brilliant tip to avoid having to sift icing sugar, I then made the fudge-y sour cream chocolate icing in the food processor (by whizzing the icing sugar for a minute in the processor before adding other ingredients all the lumps magically disappear)

Eating it: This might be a nearly perfect chocolate cake ! The texture was great – it was a solid cake but moist because of the sour cream in the batter. The tang of the sour cream offset the sweetness of the icing wonderfully. And as a fully iced cake it looked really impressive too! The cake tasted equally good the following day too.

Next time: I think this would make a briliant birthday cake – it would look great with sprinkles and glitter! The only small flaw was that the butter wasn’t really as soft as it should have been so didn’t mix in perfectly leaving ‘holes’ in the cake where it melted while cooking.



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