2010: a review

January 3, 2011 at 6:53 pm | Posted in baking, Casseroles, puddings, savoury, starters | Leave a comment

As 2010 has ended and thoughts begin to turn to 2011, it is the moment to review the year that has been. I am  delighted that I have managed to complete the new recipe challenge and cook more than 50 new recipes during 2011. I’ve also really enjoyed writing about them – and delighted to discover that people have visited the site to read my burblings.

The nice people at WordPress produce an exciting range of statistics to tell me what has happened to my blog visits over the year: overall there have been more than 1700 views.

The search terms generating the most visitors are about Nigella’s sunshine soup – it would seem that I am one of the few people to have written a review of this recipe. For the record – I love the soup and have made it a couple of times – although I do agree with other reviewers that the colour is not appealing!

I also used the brilliant application wordle to produce a word cloud of the blog – overall this is what I have been writing about

I was asked what my favourite new recipes have been from 2010…  and while I can ponder recipes for a long time and my top picks depend on mood – but right now I think the list (with slightly random categories) is:

the best cake –  hazelnut cupcakes,

best starter: hummus

the best stew: greek lamb stew

best roast: is a tie between greek lamb from Nigella’s kitchen, slow cooked pork belly (both in the Nigella’s kitchen round-up post) or the marinated lamb from the Vicar’s Wife

best pudding: chocolate pavlova

I will be continuing to blog… there will be a post later this week all about what I’m going to be writing about during this year! (If you have suggestions/thought please do leave me a comment)

Thank you for coming and I hope to see you again soon!


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