Recipes 13-19: the missing ones!

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If you strangely take the time to read the entire blog you will notice that there is a big gap in posts and some missing recipes… this can only be blamed on the disruption caused by having my kitchen re-done. The kitchen work was lengthy and painful and 6 months on – the kitchen is not perfect, but it is great and I love it (so can just about forgive the trauma of the building work!)

For the curious – the missing recipes form 3 meals over Easter.

Recipe 13: Merguez with halloumi and flame-roasted peppers from Nigella Express
to be honest… a disappointment! Using ready roasted peppers didn’t add much flavour so I continue to use fresh peppers and cook them in the full tray bake as outlined in recipe 40. I didn’t manage to get merguez sausages either… and the chorizo was overcooked (should have remember that before cooking the spanish chicken)

Recipe 14: Margarita ice-cream
A hit! A simple no-churn ice-cream from Nigella Express which actually is the work of moments! All you do is softly whip cream to which you have added icing sugar and in this case Cointreau, tequila and lime juice, resist the urge to eat the mixture and freeze.

Recipe 15: Leg of lamb marinated with lemon and cumin
A fantastic lamb recipe from Elisa Beynon that was perfect for Easter Sunday. The lamb was served with a hummus dressing and the leftovers made an amazing salad with couscous and more pine nuts the following day.

Recipe 16: Roast fennel and leeks
This was served alongside the roast lamb. I’ve never cooked fennel before – but this was incredibly easy and full of flavour (must cook again)

Recipe 17: Lamb cutlets with yoghurt and cumin
This is from Forever Summer – it’s a very simple marinade for lamb chops (greek yoghurt, cumin, onion and garlic) which are then cooked (on a griddle – but i couldn’t face the mess so did it in the oven). Delicious – made the lamb very tender. (I think I made this a couple of times in the spring)

Recipe 18: Bulgar wheat salad
Again from Forever Summer – a simple salad accompaniment for the lamb. I’ve made the couscous equivalent of this for years, but it was good to try out a new version – these grains are great as a vehicle for salads and adding bulk. In this version flavour was added through lime juice, and a chilli, raw courgette (cut very small) and lots of herbs

Recipe 19: Simple cheesecake from Nigella Express
This is a very simple no-cook cheesecake using lots of cream cheese and cream… so really what could be wrong with that! It’s wonderfully rich yet light!


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