Recipe 40: Purple potato and sausage bake

December 31, 2010 at 11:34 am | Posted in savoury | 1 Comment
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Friday night supper… definitely a time for simple, pleasing food that takes little effort! One of my favourite standbys is some kind of meat, vegetables and potato tray-bake where everything is cooked together – all it requires is some chopping action at the beginning and then it can be shoved in the oven for about an hour for it to cook and all the flavours to mingle. While it is not elegant food, it is most definitely delicious. On this occasion I was able to make a very colourful tray-bake, as I had purple potatoes! Purple potatoes are very exciting : they have purple skin and purple flesh and were on sale in my local Sainsburys in November – so i had to try them out.

Making it: to maximise the colourfulness of the dish – I used butternut squash, sweet potatoes, red and yellow peppers, leeks and cherry tomatoes. Everything apart from the tomatoes were chopped into broadly equivalent size pieces of around an inch (the sweet potatoes were bigger as they don’t take so long to cook) and I didn’t bother peeling anything! I drizzled everything with oil, some herbs and some dried chilli to give it a kick – and put it in a hot oven for about one hour. Little tomatoes don’t take long to cook, so they went in the oven with 15 minutes to go and at this point I also mixed everything around a little to maximise the flavour exchange and stop things sticking too badly to the baking tray.

Eating it: Purple potatoes were good – it is slightly disconcerting to eat one – but they are very potato-ey potatoes – not a different flavour to normal potatoes, but just a very delicious variety of potato. I possibly sprinkled on a little too much chilli but it was great to eat strong and robust flavours – and i love roasted vegetables. So overall a very satisfying lazy dinner!

Next time: it depends on what is in the fridge! I often make this to use up veg that has been in the fridge for a while and during the winter months it usually features parsnips and in the summer it is great with courgettes.


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  1. […] much flavour so I continue to use fresh peppers and cook them in the full tray bake as outlined in recipe 40. I didn’t manage to get merguez sausages either… and the chorizo was overcooked (should […]

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