Recipe 38: Caramel croissant pudding

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When Nigella Express came out, there was lots of outrage over the over-indulgence implied in the caramel croissant pudding. But when we had some leftover croissants from a weekend away I remembered this pudding – so stashed the croissants in the freezer for an opportune moment.  The Sunday before Christmas was the moment – as I was having Audrey and Martin over for lunch and it was freezing cold: rib-sticking warming food was in order!

Making it: the pudding is a twist on a bread and butter pudding  but without the faff involved in slicing bread! Instead the croissants were torn into bits and put in an oven dish. The more complex part was making the caramel sauce: so boiling sugar and water together for a few minutes so that it turns into caramel and then adding milk and cream – this was a bit more difficult – as the caramel seized at this point, so I had to patiently stir the caramel sauce over a gentle heat until the caramel melted. It eventually melted and at which point I whisked in some eggs and some rum and poured it all over the waiting croissant pieces. I left it to stand while we ate some beef stew (it was a cold, cold day!) and then it went in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Eating it: delicious – although the caramel flavour was pretty subtle: perhaps it should have been left for longer to boil down to a darker mix. The biggest dilemma was whether it was better with ice-cream or cream – I think on balance the cream was best. It was rich (there were three of us and I hadn’t increased quantities and it was the right amount) but it was no more rich than other bread and butter puddings – indeed I think Delia’s chocolate bread and butter pudding might be even more rich!

Next time: I would make the caramel sauce more in advance – as Nigella said it only needed to stand for 10 minutes to soak into the croissant – I didn’t think I should make it too early. But it was rather stressful making the caramel as Audrey and Martin arrived – so next time I’d not worry about leaving it to stand and soak in for much longer.


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