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There is no real excuse for the absence of posts…. I have been cooking lots, but work has been hectic, Christmas presents needed to be bought and generally life has been busy. But now I’m enjoying some Christmas holiday, so I’m hoping to do lots of blogging – at some point this week I need to work out whether I have managed to achieve my 2010 challenge of cooking 50 new recipes!

I was honoured to be responsible for cooking Christmas lunch this year for a wonderful selection of my extended family – there were 10 of us for lunch (although in the week before Christmas there was the potential for about 5 people to be added to the total as snow put travel plans in peril) Christmas lunch is not a time for innovation – I’ve been responsible for cooking lunch on a number of occasions and I’ve got my menu (and schedule) sorted. Christmas lunch is not difficult – although it is complicated as there are lots of bits that have to be ready all at the same time! So we had turkey with all the trimmings – bread sauce, chestnut and bacon stuffing (I use the recipes from Nigella Lawson’s Feast) , serious roast potatoes  (in goose fat made even more lovely by adding some garlic cloves and herbs to the hot fat before adding the potatoes) and lots of veg. I delegated puddings to my guests – so we had my mum’s Christmas pudding and brandy sauce, my mother-in-laws pavlova and Julie’s beautiful chocolate log (thank you!)

To keep my sanity in the run up to Christmas there are lists galore – my wishlist, what I’m buying for everyone else and most important the lunch list… The lunch list has three parts – the menu (and components) the shopping list (divided into stuff that can be bought in advance and then the stuff to be bought fresh for Christmas) and the schedule for the day… so that i don’t forget to cook anything! This was put next to the oven for reference throughout the morning (as you can see) I try to do most of the prep on Christmas Eve – so that I can be as relaxed as possible on Christmas Day… including time for church as it is brilliant to take time to remember that Christmas is about Jesus being born and that he wasn’t just a baby, but the Son of God who would die in our place to bring about reconciliation between God and Man.

I didn’t  do anything new with Christmas lunch, but I did have fun decorating the table. Although I had lots of prep for Christmas lunch I made time on Christmas Eve for some baking – i made butter biscuit stars and gold & silver gingerbread muffins for general nibbling and as favours for the table. These were entirely unnecessary – but lovely.

So I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, whatever you ate and whoever cooked it! And my next post is going to be about leftovers (as I’m sure most of you have some turkey hanging around somewhere!)


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  1. glad you had lovely day. Looking forward to the flurry of posts in the next couple days.

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