Recipe 34: warm lentil salad for a prayer triplet

September 26, 2010 at 9:24 pm | Posted in savoury | 1 Comment
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Despite the impression given by this blog, I don’t always cook recipes from books. I also have my variations on themes adapted and developed from other people’s recipes. These adapted recipes/guidelines are what forms the basis of my everyday cooking… because really, who can be bothered to faithfully follow a recipe every night. Also I  don’t plan ahead for my week of cooking, so often there is adaptation of recipes to take into account what I’ve got in the cupboards.

On Wednesday night, I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet with Nush and Audrey to discuss and pray together – catching Audrey in between her return to London from studying and disappearing off on a well-deserved holiday. We were meeting at Nush’s house, as she needed to be around for the children (strangely you can’t leave two small children home on their own!) but as Nush had already cooked dinner for me once that week, I thought it should be my turn to cook! So I needed to provide dinner that was yummy, but could be assembled in someone else’s kitchen… so clearly a moment for salad! But as it has clearly turned to autumn, it needed to be a warm salad…. and although I wanted to be healthy, I didn’t want to feel too virtuous… so it was time for a warm lentil salad with parma ham!

Making it: I managed to get home from work in time to cook some puy lentils in stock… and once they were cooked they were coated in the salad dressing which was 2 parts garlic olive oil to one part balsamic vinegar and a pinch of mustard powder. Balsamic vinegar works incredibly well with lentils – there is something wonderful and deep in the combination. Then once we had all assembled at Nush’s – this was put into a big bowl, and mixed with salad leaves, some yummy baby tomatoes, green beans and parma ham.

Eating it: this was a new combination of ingredients (which is why it is allowed to be blogged) but it really worked. The residual heat in the lentils and green beans made the parma ham melt slightly, so even more yummy! I had guessed the quantities about right, so there was enough dressing (from memory I cooked about 180g of lentils and made about 120ml of dressing)

Next time: who knows… it will depend on what is in the cupboard/fridge!

By the way – for a super-simple pudding, we had lemon creams – which are from the Vicar’s Wife’s cookbook – it’s just lemon curd, greek yoghurt and lemon juice and zest… utterly delicious and tasting much more complicated and rich that they actually are (I use 0% fat greek yoghurt!)


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  1. Lentils are my favorite . . . though I’ve always cooked them in a stew, and never tried putting them in a salad.

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