Recipe 33: Blondies

September 11, 2010 at 6:37 pm | Posted in baking | 1 Comment
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To accompany the quite frankly healthy soup, we needed some serious cake! I thought I might try out the blondies, as much as I love brownies, a slightly lighter treat is also good, and visually its great to be able to serve a mixture  when there is a crowd – previously I have relied on a fantastic mocha-pecan blondie, but I thought I would try out Nigella’s version. Kath and Anna are always willing tasters of new cake!

Making it: The ingredients list is interesting – a can of condensed milk,  flour  and  porridge oats as well to give more texture. But its a simple mixture to throw together in the mixer as basically it is mixing each ingredient in turn. Nigella advises, that like brownies, this is a cake to take out when it looks cooked on top, but still squidgy within. I think I gave mine a couple of extra minutes on top of Nigella’s timings, because it didn’t quite look there after the alloted 35 minutes. Once they came out of the oven, as they cooled, they sunk quite a lot.

Eating it: Kath said (over the course of the afternoon) “mmmmmm”….. “confusing… but good” (referring to the textural effect of the porridge oats making it slightly like a flapjack) and then finally “those blondies are evil” as she contemplated eating another! They are VERY sweet, but VERY more-ish. I think we all ate more of them, than is strictly necessary! I sent some of the left-overs home with Kath and Anna so their husbands didn’t feel left out (and so I didn’t have too many of them hanging around begging to be eaten).

Next time: I’m wondering if I could reduce the amount of sugar, just to take the edge off them slightly – while they were good, they packed a serious sugar punch.


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  1. The blondies look delicious! I love blondies and will give this recipe a go very soon. Loving Kitchen!

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