Recipe 31: Coca-cola cake

September 4, 2010 at 3:23 pm | Posted in baking | Leave a comment
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August Bank Holiday Monday – the final hurrah of the summer holiday season. I had hijacked my brother’s plan for a day out with his family at the British Museum, by inviting them to lunch here and tagging along for the museum bit too. (We had a great time in the museum – so many amazing things to be seen!) My nieces and nephews have high expectations of cake – and so I thought it was the ideal opportunity to try out an intriguing cake – a chocolate coca-cola cake from Nigella’s great work – How to be a Domestic Goddess (If you like baking and don’t own this book – buy it now!).

Making it: a bit more complicated than a simple bung it all in cake –  the butter was melted in a pan with the coca-cola – so there were a couple of stages and a few bowls used. But really not difficult! It was cooked in a springform tin – Nigella suggested lining the tin with tin foil to prevent drips – I ignored that instruction and used a large circle of baking parchment which went up the sides of the tin too. The icing also contains coke – again combined with melting butter. The icing goes on the cake while it is still warm – always a slightly scary activity as warm cake means icing spreads fast. So another occasion to put newspaper under the cooling rack to deal with drips. Following the icing mess I made with the glaze for the chocolate biscuits – I left the icing for 5 minutes to harden before putting on the cake. Happily all the icing did stay on the cake  as although the cake had risen – the top was fairly flat.

Eating it: well we ate quite a bit of it! The cake had a good texture –  it was soft and moist. you could taste something unusual in it – although I didn’t think that it was obvious that the special ingredient was coke.

Next time: I am glad that I tried the cake out but I’m not sure there will be a next time: there are other chocolate cakes that are more full of flavour.


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