Recipe 30: Mirin-glazed salmon

August 27, 2010 at 7:18 pm | Posted in savoury | Leave a comment
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After a lovely, but rather piggy week at the seaside (lots of ice-cream, cake and even Cornish pasties as it was raining!) this week I have been trying to eat very sensibly without feeling like I am missing out! So the search was on for something delicious that didn’t feel like deprivation, for when Sarah came over for food and Bible study. I remembered that when Nigella Express came out there were many positive reviews for mirin-glazed salmon and as i had never tried it myself, I thought this would be a good moment to try it out.

Making it: ridiculously simple! The salmon was briefly marinated in mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine), soy sauce and sugar and then cooked in a hot pan. The marinade was chucked in as it cooked and then the pan deglazed with rice vinegar to make a sauce. I served it with noodles and some baby corn and mange-touts.

Eating it: It lived up to expectations! I thought it was yummy.The glaze gave depth of flavour without being heavy and although the vinegar was added last, it didn’t leave any unpleasant tang  – I think it mainly offset the rather sweet marinade.

Next time: Sarah agreed it tasted good, but suggested that there should be more liquid for the noodles – and I think I agree! I also will cook it for slightly longer to make sure it is cooked through(I think mine was slightly undercooked).


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