Recipe 29: Saffron scented chicken pilaf

August 16, 2010 at 8:56 am | Posted in savoury | 1 Comment
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Saturday night, Louise and Caroline coming over for a chilled out evening of food and film (we watched “Up in the Air” – interesting film made me value even more my friends and the fact that I live in community with others not in isolation). Another opportunity to try out a new recipe – this time a rice dish from Forever Summer – called saffron scented chicken pilaf – which Nigella promises will lead to people gratefully strewing my path with rose petals – who wouldn’t want to try out a dish with that promise attached!

Making it: The chicken was marinated in greek yoghurt, lemon and cinnamon and then fried off in a plan. The stock (using marigold bouillon powder) was infused with the saffron threads. The the rice cooked in the stock, with added cardamom pods. Finally once all was cooked, I browned off cashew nuts, flaked almonds and pine nuts. Once assembled this was then supplemented by a sprinkling of chopped pistachio  nuts and some parsley

Eating it: Utterly delicious! I’m often sceptical about the impact of saffron – but here it created a softly scented flavour that did transport me to somewhere else. In true Nigella style the portions were generous – but we managed to eat it all!

Next time: While it was delicious, it required attention for much of the cooking process and used 3 pans.  But I loved the principle and the flavours, so i will look for ways to simplify the recipe so that it is quicker, easier and requires less washing up!


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