Recipe 27: easy mascarpone tart

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One the of the great benefits to me of this recipe challenge is that it is encouraging me to read through all my cookery books for inspiration. This has led to the re-discovery of old gems – and one writer that I had been overlooking recently is Jamie Oliver as his newer books haven’t really inspired me. But re-reading the Naked Chef wasn’t just a reminder of cookery programmes past but also reminded me how brilliant Jamie’s recipes are for being simple and full of delicious things described so enthusiastically that you want to cook them even if you don’t like any of the ingredients! The pudding section in the Naked Chef has lots of tarts in it – and while I’ve not yet gathered sufficient courage to tackle pastry… I was inspired to a simple fruit mascarpone tart – as a light ending to my very lazy, but hopefully delicious Friday night dinner party.

Making it: First buy your pastry shell… then mix some mascarpone cheese – I used about 400g with icing sugar and vanilla and slap that into the case. When i was ready to serve, I densely covered the surface with raspberries – I think about 300g.

Eating it: I’ve made a Elisa Beynon lemon and raspberry tart on a similar basis (the cream-y mixture has lemon curd in it too) and while that version probably had stronger flavours – this was perfectly simple and light and quite delicious!

Next time: Jamie provided proportions for mascarpone to sugar – but I think it might have been a fraction too sweet – so I might use slightly less next time… but there will be a next time! And I want to try some of his other tart recipes too – watch this space!


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