recipe 26: lamb with garlicky tahina sauce

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Another dinner to celebrate my new kitchen, and another hot sunny day, which meant my guests admired the kitchen on their way to the garden! Dinner was a Friday night, so the main thought was to have food that was simple and quick to cook. But what to cook??? I had a half a jar of tahina in the fridge and somewhere in the dim recesses of my mind I recalled reading a recipe which was lamb with a tahina sauce – and a little look on the very useful recipe index on the Nigella website led me to it! It’s in How to Eat… and is a simple recipe in the after-work dinner section.

Making it: there are two parts to the recipe. One was a quick marinade for the lamb chops – mainly some lemon zest and cumin. Once the lamb had marinated for about an hour, I cooked it in the oven. I think it was meant to be done on a griddle – but I don’t have a griddle pan at the moment as my old one was cheap and doesn’t work on the induction hob – but probably even if it had been possible to do it on the hob –  I would have used the oven as that method is hands-off!

The main business is the sauce – which is the tahina with lemon juice, water and a sprinkle of cumin. It’s a slightly disconcerting process as the mixture becomes very odd as it combines – but keep stirring and it turns unto an unctuous sauce. (sorry – there is no photo… I forgot!)

Eating it: The sauce was fantastic – worked brilliantly well with the lamb.  The lamb cutlets were great pieces of meat – utterly delicious – but I couldn’t detect any hint of the marinade – so perhaps it wasn’t worth the effort! I had lots of the sauce left over, and watered down a little more, it made a great dressing for salad too.

Next time: probably wouldn’t bother with putting the lamb in a marinade – and then it is something that could be on the table within 45 minutes of getting home (or 20 minutes if I had a griddle!) Definitely a winner! Tahina will be taking up residence in the store cupboard!


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