Recipe 25: Gateau Breton

August 11, 2010 at 8:17 pm | Posted in baking | 1 Comment
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More celebrations of the kitchen… this time it was afternoon tea – an occasion for people to drop in for cake before church. I wasn’t entirely sure how many people would pop in (there was also some form of important football match that afternoon) but I follow Nigella’s motto – “never knowingly undercatered”. I wanted to give people choice… and as I had leftover egg yolks from the pavlova I was prompted to try Nigella’s Gateau Breton – which is a rich version of shortbread – to be part of the feast.

Making it: Excitingly I got to use the dough hook for my mixer – I don’t think I had used it before now! But it was basically simple – flour, sugar, egg and egg yolks all mixed, and mixed some more until it becomes a sticky dough. This was then put into a spring-form tin and baked for about 40 minutes.

Eating it: The first challenge came in getting it out of the tin. Nigella said to grease the tin well – but I clearly had not done it well enough… so the middle of the cake stuck horribly. So instead of presenting it as a disk, it was  a homely pile of pieces, as that was the only way it was coming out of the tin! The upside was that I did some serious taste testing! After eating more than is probably healthy – I can report that it is rich and very more-ish. It did make me think of being in France and eating very rich baked delights. We didn’t eat all of it on Sunday afternoon – and it kept well through the week.

Next time: It’s a good recipe for using up spare egg yolks… so there will be a next time… although i will probably line the tin with baking parchment as well as greasing it to reduce the risk of it all sticking!


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