Recipe 22: Hummus

July 11, 2010 at 6:08 pm | Posted in starters | 2 Comments
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I love hummus (or however you want to spell  it!). Normally I buy it, but various people and writers say that it is simple to make and much nicer home-made… so I thought that this dinner was the opportunity to try it out. I don’t go in for complicated starters…. I much prefer something that people can pick at when they arrive, and then it doesn’t matter if some people are later than others (for whatever reason – transport delays, children or a chronic inability to be on time!)

Making it: Very simple! The intriguing detail for me was that I had to warm the chickpeas first… not sure what that was about. But once they were warm, they were bunged in the food processor, with lots of tahini, some garlic, lemon juice and oil and then whizzed. To get it to the right texture I added the water from the chickpea can.

Eating it: Yum… Utterly delicious. We ate huge quantities – which I think is a good marker of whether something taste good. Since dinner a couple of weeks ago, Ali has now made it a number of times… so I think that is a indication that it is a good recipe!

Next time: I might put slightly less tahini in it as I think it had a slightly harsh edge although that might also suggest I could try slightly less (or better quality) olive oil. I think this recipe could be played with – perhaps trying to add some additional flavours in – such as making it more lemon-y perhaps attempting to make lemon and coriander hummus!



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