Recipe 21: Christmas chocolate cookies from Nigella’s Christmas

July 4, 2010 at 3:55 pm | Posted in baking | 1 Comment
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Yes, I know its midsummer – and we are actually enjoying some summer right now, but these cookies caught my eye and the only Christmas-y thing about them as far as I could work out was that the sprinkles used to decorate them are red and green. So instead of doing something useful in my kitchen – like putting things in cupboards – I thought I would do some baking! The theory (thanks to Mum and my sister for this justification) is that by starting to use my kitchen I will have a better idea of how I am using the space and therefore put things in a more sensible position than otherwise. Anyway – I wanted to bake – and needed to provide some munchies for my bible study group and also I’ve been promising a colleague home-baked something for ages as an informal incentive scheme to encourage him to produce things that I need to do my job!

Making them: they are a simple chocolate shortbread – a bit like Granny Boyd’s biscuits from “Domestic Goddess” . I just whacked it all in the kenwood and mixed. To turn them into biscuits, Nigella says roll them into balls about the size of walnut and flatten slightly. Once cooked, they were then decorated with a cocoa glaze on to which I sprinkled some sprinkles!

Eating them: judging by the numbers we all ate… I think they went down well… A very good texture to the biscuit and the icing/sprinkles on top added crunch!

Next time: These are renamed – Celebration Chocolate Cookies – they are for life, not just for Christmas! The cocoa glaze needs refining – it was very runny – I probably should have let it sit a little longer before decorating (but it was late and I needed to go to bed) and there was probably too much of it as well. Nigella suggested protecting the work-surface with newspaper before doing the glaze – which was a brilliant suggestion to be adopted regularly in future.  But there will be a next time… even though they are more faff than the Granny Boyd biscuits, they have sprinkles and was is not good about chocolate and sprinkles?!


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