Still more apologies

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The kitchen is in progress… I’m trying not to get frustrated by things that are outstanding, but mainly failing. I am missing the ability to cook – to chop and stir and see something take shape and eat the results. But instead I am talking to suppliers, trying to work out why my cooker and my wall tiles are not in the warehouse but in transit…

So I am waiting… thinking up lots of good things to make – I hope that my new kitchen will inspire me to try out some more new exciting things (I even bought the Sainsbury’s Magazine this week as I was intrigued about “whoopie pies” which are reportedly the hot new thing instead of cupcakes… so watch this space). I know I owe this blog 6 recipe write-ups… they are on their way…honest!

But in the meantime – as someone who is reliant on microwave meals in the absence of useable worktops or hob (and an oven in transit) – my discoveries have been Innocent Veg Pots – very tasty and an interesting range (although they aren’t huge so more of a lunch than a dinner) and Waitrose ready meals – I had something that was pulled BBQ beef with pinto beans and butternut squash for dinner on Friday – and it was genuinely tasty! So well done Waitrose!



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A huge apology to everyone who is visiting to see what I have been cooking recently and been disappointed by the lack of new posts. I have been cooking (there are 7 recipes in the to-be-written-up pile) but much of my time has been taken up organising my new kitchen. The builders start tomorrow,  hopefully I will have time to write about some of lovely recipes I made in April while my kitchen is being rebuilt. The absence of cooking facilities will mean I will be planning new recipes to try-out the new kitchen when it is done!

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