Recipe 10: Chocolate hazelnut cupcakes

March 20, 2010 at 7:20 pm | Posted in baking | 2 Comments
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Today was Kath and Anna day and I was hosting. This is a brilliant day that happens 3 or 4 times a year – when I get together with two of my favourite people in the whole wide world for a day of chat, food and seriously good prayer. We live in different places, have very different lives and struggles. But over the last 10 years I have been privileged to share the journey of life with them – to watch as they have grown even more wonderful than when we first met. Today was the perfect opportunity to try out the chocolate hazelnut cupcakes from the Hummingbird Book (especially after supergirl gave them such a great review)

Making them: The Hummingbird method is different from a sponge cake, but relatively easy in my kenwood. I did slightly mess up the method, and instead of leaving the nutella to anoint the cakes once they were cooked, I added it to the batter.
Last time I tried their method for icing, it led to a cocoa and icing sugar explosion in the kitchen – so this time I used the kenwood for the buttercream too – and result – it worked a treat – no explosions! I was then able to leave the kenwood mixing away to make very light and fluffy buttercream – to which more nutella was added at the end.

Last time I made hummingbird cupcakes I thought the cake to icing ratio wasn’t quite right – so this time  I made more smaller cakes (using my fairy cake tin instead of the muffin tin). This made 16 cakes and I thought the quantity of icing was about right. As the icing came out very soft and fluffy I was able to spread it easily – and I think the cakes looked more professional than mine often do!

Eating them: Ahhhh…. mmmmmm.

I think that sums them up

Although I had adapted the recipe by mistake – I think it worked. The cake was very soft and the chocolate-y hazelnut flavour ran through the cake. The icing was brilliant – on its own it was incredibly sweet, but partnered with the cake it was great.

Next time: I might be good and try them the proper way with adding the nutella to the cake once its cooked.



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  1. oh it worked, love!!
    a perfect accompaniment to a perfect day 😉

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