Recipe 9: The Great Chocolate Rescue Remedy

March 7, 2010 at 10:23 pm | Posted in puddings | 1 Comment
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Saturday night after a long stressful week at work, which had included stupid amounts of work to do and developing a cold that almost made me lose my voice. Clearly time for a serious treat… it was me and  Vicki and Laura for dinner (eating up the greek lamb stew – in the previous post and enjoying a fine bottle of Pierre Jourdan Cuvee Belle Rose). There was only one thing for it… and that was obviously a serious amount of chocolate! The brilliant Elisa Beynon aka The Vicars Wife, recommends this for moments of extreme hormonal imbalance – that was not the case, but it seemed like a very good idea any way to have some thing extremely chocolate-y which promised all manner of sanity increasing impact!

Mmmmmm..... chocolate....

Making it: This is a gooey cheesecake/truffle/mousse type mixture – so melted chocolate, double cream, cream cheese, icing sugar and some tia maria for a gentle kick, layered with crushed chocolate digestives mixed with some melted butter. Crushing biscuits is a favourite activity – generally it was a fun thing to make. I mixed the chocolate sauce by hand, and didn’t get it quite as smooth and incorporated as I would like – but it was fairly easy. Then there was some more chocolate on top (Elisa suggests grating, but I don’t have a very sharp grater, but I do have a very pleasing mezzaluna and curved chopping board, which is great for chopping chocolate – even if the description says herb chopper!)

Eating it: Wow – it was rich. Mmmmm – it was good. As Laura said “Chocolate overload…. if such a thing were possible”.

Next time: will be soon! Possibly I would make it slightly smaller  – I think that the chocolate mixture could have been shared among 4 people. I also would use something electrical to mix the mixture more thoroughly.


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  1. […] Once that is done, I added chopped chocolate and cocoa powder to make it chocolate-y (as previously mentioned easiest way to chop chocolate is to use my mezzaluna and curved chopping board). Then the meringue […]

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