Recipe 8: Greek lamb stew

March 2, 2010 at 10:09 pm | Posted in Casseroles | 2 Comments
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Another recipe from How to Eat that at various times I have thought about making, but have never got round to it. It’s helpfully in the cooking ahead chapter which suits my life… anything that puts most of the effort in before people come over is good for me – that way I can chat more to my guests. It also makes a vast quantity, which means that the hard work produces food not just for one evening, but then the rest can get stashed in the freezer and I can have yummy food with little effort when I get home from work!
Making it: It’s a fairly straightforward stew. For me the interesting thing was using white wine with a mainly tomato sauce – normally I would use a red wine for a tomato and lamb thing. But it was all pretty easy – browning the meat, softening the onions, then adding everything else and leaving to cook for a couple of hours (making the house smell amazing). My casserole pot was full to bursting with all the ingredients – so I didn’t add the stock at this point.
Once it had cooked, I portioned it up – there were going to be 3 of us eating it that week – so that went into a smaller clean pot in the fridge- and the rest went to live in the freezer for another day.
Then a couple of days later (I’d done the cooking on  Wednesday I think – and it was now Saturday) I got the stew out of the fridge a couple of hours ahead of time so that it was at room temperature when I was ready to reheat. I  added stock to make it much more liquid and reheated it on the hob. Then just before it was hot through – I put the pasta on. The fun bit starts here – once the pasta is almost cooked, it gets thrown into the bubbling stew to finish cooking and soak up the flavours. Then its just a matter of serving it up (with a big sprinkle of feta cheese).
Eating it: It was really good! I was sceptical that the pasta would take on the flavours of the sauce – but it did. The white wine in the juices made it slightly lighter than it would have been had it been made with red wine. (Sorry there is no photo – I was too hungry to go find the camera and a bit too embarrassed about photographing the meal with the guests at the table – normally I try to do it before guests appear at the table)
Next time: I will probably be lazy and not bother browning the lamb first… I have never been hugely convinced that browning the meat add much especially if it is going to get such a long simmer. I would also add slightly more herbs – I was using dried not fresh and I underestimated how much was needed.



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  1. This does sound good – thank you for reminding me of the How to Eat book as I’ve not gone near it for some time and this recipe always struck me as a bit odd – as you say white wine and lamb, then pasta… I couldn’t quite get my head round it. But you’ve convinced me so I’ll give it a go!

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