Recipe 6: The tenderest chicken

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For the main course – I thought I would do something pretty straightforward so that I would be able to enjoy chatting with my friends, instead of dashing about in the kitchen. Chicken pieces in a marinade to develop flavour is a winner with me (usually simple to prepare and taste good – so a fantastic effort to taste ratio) – Nigella promised that this produced very tender chicken… so it sounded worth a go.  I  served with little lazy roast potatoes (cut potatoes into small cubes, toss in lots of olive oil and cook in hot oven for an hour or so).

Making it: Simple marinade of mainly buttermilk, with a few bits and pieces to boost flavour – it only took a couple of minutes to prepare.  I put the chicken thighs in the marinade on Thursday evening, so they had about 24 hours to develop flavour. Once I was ready to cook – I took it out the marinade (this is where is started to get messy) and  I was meant to wipe off all the marinade – but that was almost impossible – so I just shook off the worst of it. They were then put in the oven for about an hour (the potatoes were already cooking). But my oven decided to have a go slow day  – so they probably took a little longer than advertised.

Eating it: Boring! I know I was doing something simple… but this didn’t really have anything to redeem it from being boring. I didn’t particularly think that it was tender. I have had much more juicy, tender chicken using other methods – mainly roasting with some liquid, such as slow cooked chicken with lemon and garlic from Forever Summer or San Tropez chicken from Feast.

Next time: I’ll do San Tropez chicken.


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