Recipe 5: Pea and garlic puree (for crostini)

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Friday night dinner: I had plenty of time to do some faffing in the kitchen, and everyone else was coming from the office, I thought it would be wise to have a flexible starter – something that we could nibble over drinks while everyone arrive. The pea and garlic puree had caught my eye when I first owned How to Eat, but canape style nibbles were not part of my culinary repertoire at that point. But now I am much more grown-up (!) I thought this might be a good opportunity to try them out.

Making them: Very simple! The garlic is roasted, so that was popped in the oven while something else was cooking. Then all I had to do was cook some peas, add the roasted garlic, some parmesan, and butter and blitz with my lovely wand food blender thing… Then once it was all cool,  I spread the puree on crostini.

They may not look fantastic - but they tasted great!

Eating them: Pea puree is a disturbing shade of green – but while they may not have looked 100% attractive… it tasted amazing! I adore peas… and this was delicious. The other guests seemed to enjoy them too!

Next time: No change! (Although I was being very good and had made the crostini myself – which is a rather time-consuming task – in future I shall revert to buying the already toasted crisp-bread things)


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