Recipe 1: Nigella’s chocolate chocolate-chip muffins from Feast

January 10, 2010 at 4:02 pm | Posted in baking | 6 Comments
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The challenge of starting something new is working out where to begin… but for this it was easy! I have been meaning to try these muffins for ages, as they look good, and seem very simple – a great way to get a chocolate hit. In one of Nigella’s books she claims she is not a big chocolate fan  but that doesn’t prevent her from coming up with very good recipes for chocolate cakes. The plan for Saturday suggested that producing some cakes would be a good idea – I was popping over to deliver a meal to friends who have just had a baby, and planning on spending some time in the afternoon with my goddaughter and her parents – so instead of going to one of my standard recipes – it was time for the challenge of the new!

Making the muffins: To use Nigella’s over-used phrase – it really is the work of moments… measuring out the dry ingredients into a bowl, measuring the wet ingredients into a jug and stirring to combine… I didn’t get too much of the batter across the kitchen when putting them into cases either! I made 9 big American sized muffins, and 12 mini-muffins.

Eating the muffins: The muffins looked good and tasted pretty good too! The texture was light and there was an abundance of chocolate chips. The other tasters seemed to approve… my goddaughter pleaded with her parents to be allowed a third mini-muffin before tea.

In the future:

I thought the muffins weren’t quite chocolate-y enough – the recipe only called for 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder. In future I think I would do 3, but I do think these will be made again. I might also use the recipe as the basis for other varients too.



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  1. Genius! I want to guest Blog, and I guess my husband might want to too, him being the superior cook around here 🙂 Good plan… We look forward to gleaning new recipes from your blog of joy! Woop!

    • Would having a guest mean that you would fulfill one of my 52 new recipes without me having to do it… hmmm that might be the solution to the blog requirement during the kitchen refit!

  2. I’ll guest for you….brilliant idea and looking forward to using your inspiration and mistakes!!

  3. Hey lady,
    lookin good, and i like the adding of more chocolate idea. Always more necessary i find! I am trying out my first Vicar’s Wife dinner party on Sat!! Doing the lamb shanks in red wine and sticky bread and butter pud. Can’t wait! Have LOVED reading that over Christmas! xx

  4. Excellent – loving this! Especially like the level of detail, looking forward to the next one….

    Oh and I’ll put lunch in the calendar for soon, Jennifer

  5. Well done Sarah – you know what chocolate lovers like. Must try this one at home and then possibly recommend it to University going sons. If they could manage this, they would feel very proud and impress everyone!

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