Recipe 3: Chocolate cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery book

January 22, 2010 at 9:36 pm | Posted in baking | 6 Comments
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On Sunday afternoon my lovely friend Dimity was coming for afternoon tea, before coming with me to church. So I thought this was an ideal opportunity to try yet another new cake recipe… and the Hummingbird Bakery  has a special place in our relationship – so it was to their recipe book I had to go…. I had already tried their vanilla cupcake, so the next stop was their chocolate cupcake.

I mainly make individual sized cakes and biscuits, that way when there are only a couple of people to eat cake, I can still make a full batch, and put the rest in the freezer, and any urgent cake needs can be dealt with without any fuss! As I had the oven on, I also made Delia’s classic gingernut biscuits, which are one of my old-faithful recipes.

Making it: when I am quickly making little cakes I usually base it on a basic sponge cake, but the Hummingbird approach is a little different – first mix together the flour, butter, sugar, and cocoa – then add the wet ingredients  – which has only 1 egg, but milk to make up the bulk. But despite being a slightly unfamiliar method it was very easy to make the batter. I distributed the mixture between 12 big muffin cases, although it looked very scant, and I wondered whether they would look too small for their cases. But they rose lots – and looked about the right size for their cases once done. Continue Reading Recipe 3: Chocolate cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery book…


Recipe 2: Moroccan-ish Chicken Casserole

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I’m very excited that I’ve had visitors to my blog… so thank you for coming – I hope it is worth the effort.  I don’t have great ambitions for the blog – there is not a master plan of becoming the next Julie:Julia – although if someone does want to pay me lots of money to write about life and cooking I wouldn’t complain – but I think I would like Cameron Diaz or Drew Barrymore to play me in the film. Mainly I want to use this as a way to talk about food and maybe a few other things along the way. It is unlikely to be life-changing or profound – I will leave deep and meaningful to others!

So to the meat of the post – this week’s recipe…  which is a variant on Nigel Slater’s Moroccan style chicken casserole. I was inspired to make it by watching Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers – it just looked flavoursome and relatively quick to make. On Monday Sarah was coming for supper and discussion on the next chunk of Jim Packer’s great book “Knowing God”. Deep conversation requires good food – and this looked like it would fit the bill. Continue Reading Recipe 2: Moroccan-ish Chicken Casserole…

Recipe 1: Nigella’s chocolate chocolate-chip muffins from Feast

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The challenge of starting something new is working out where to begin… but for this it was easy! I have been meaning to try these muffins for ages, as they look good, and seem very simple – a great way to get a chocolate hit. In one of Nigella’s books she claims she is not a big chocolate fan  but that doesn’t prevent her from coming up with very good recipes for chocolate cakes. The plan for Saturday suggested that producing some cakes would be a good idea – I was popping over to deliver a meal to friends who have just had a baby, and planning on spending some time in the afternoon with my goddaughter and her parents – so instead of going to one of my standard recipes – it was time for the challenge of the new!

Making the muffins: To use Nigella’s over-used phrase – it really is the work of moments… measuring out the dry ingredients into a bowl, measuring the wet ingredients into a jug and stirring to combine… I didn’t get too much of the batter across the kitchen when putting them into cases either! I made 9 big American sized muffins, and 12 mini-muffins. Continue Reading Recipe 1: Nigella’s chocolate chocolate-chip muffins from Feast…

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